Attending Chapel, weekdays from 10:00 am until 11:00 am, is key to being an active part of the Valley Forge Christian College community. Each morning we gather in the Flower Chapel for worship, prayer and meditation on God's word. Chapel services are diverse and intended to help students experience spiritual growth and development. Feel free to explore this page to watch recent broadcasts and encourage family and friends to watch the daily webcasts as well.

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Chapel Senior Speaker: Alexandra Rutkowski

April 30, 2014 April 30, 2014 - April 30, 2014

Baccalaureate Service

May 09, 2014 May 09, 2014 - May 09, 2014
Community Service Day
On April 16, 2014 Valley Forge Christian College students spent a day serving their community on the 12th Annual Community Service Day. Students served the community by raking leaves, mowing lawns and picking up trash in local areas, as they remembered the real purpose of the day – loving their community.

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Community Service Day 2014 April 17, 2014
Dr. Dan Mortensen | 610.917.1412




Valley Forge Christian College Celebrates Its 75th Year of Equipping Leaders

75th Anniversary

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa, April 16, 2014—Valley Forge Christian College continued its 75th Anniversary Celebration by hosting a major event with guest speaker and special guest, the Honorable John Ashcroft on April 9. With more than 350 in attendance, General Ashcroft spoke candidly about the importance of molding students at Valley Forge Christian College to be leaders of tomorrow, both locally and globally. The event also recognized the achievements and historic accomplishments from its humble beginnings through the present, and honored those who had left a lasting imprint on the institution. Click here to view photos of the event.

Board of Trustees member Dr. H. Robert Rhoden introduced General Ashcroft who served as U.S. Attorney General, Governor of Missouri and U.S. Senator, also from Missouri. His father, Dr. J. Robert Ashcroft, served as president of Valley Forge Christian College from 1982-1985. General Ashcroft is the founder and Chairman of The Ashcroft Group and the Ashcroft Law Firm.

Honorable John AshcroftGeneral Ashcroft expressed joy in seeing how the College has impacted Phoenixville, the nation and the world, most notably as represented by the 53 flags lining the auditorium that represent where alumni are serving. He continued by explaining that Valley Forge Christian College understands the difference between uniformity and unity, and believes that the institution has embraced the importance of the latter. Ashcroft ended by stating that culture and society need educational environments with integrity and decency that produce creativity. “We need institutions, like this institution, that understand that God created us not to be devalued but so that the world could be revalued.”

The historic evening was celebrated by alumni, students, faculty, staff, community members, local dignitaries and donors who joined the president and Board of Trustees during the momentous occasion. Through the richness of its history and legacy, Valley Forge Christian College showcased its commitment to “prepare individuals for a life of service and leadership in the church and in the world.” The College heritage was showcased through photos and memorabilia.

The celebration included an hors d’oeuvers reception at 6 pm for attendees that was held in Cardone Hall, a state-of-the-art classroom building. The official program began at 7 pm in the Flower Chapel. The Concert Choir, led by Professor of Music and Department Chair Dr. William DeSanto, began with a rousing performance of “My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord.” Following the song, Valley Forge Christian College President Don Meyer said the celebration would highlight what God has done, what He is currently doing, and what He will continue to do. “This is a moment to make a connection between the past, present and the future.”

The evening continued with Alumni Association Co-Presidents Lee ’01 and Christine ’02 Rogers expressing gratitude to God, the Board of Trustees, Dr. Meyer, and the faculty and staff for shaping and inspiring the campus community. 

A highlight of the evening was a video premier that shared the historical timeline of Valley Forge Christian College, touching on the foundations of the past and culminating with the building of the future. The video chronicled key moments in the life of VFCC founders J. Roswell and Alice Flower, past presidents and influential faculty members and alumni, and presented the story of how a dream of a school had become a reality. The video concluded with the words, "75 years, One Mission, Preparation, Inspiration, Transformation, Building the Kingdom of God to the Glory of God," as applause filled the Flower Chapel.
Valley Forge Christian College will continue to prepare leaders and help build the Kingdom of God through many current and future ministries. Board of Trustees Chairman Rev. Carl Colletti asked of the audience, “Will you join many of us who are supporters of this dream that started 75 years ago?”

To close the evening, Dr. Meyer led guests in singing the hymn, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” to remind everyone of God’s providence in the preservation and growth of the College

About Valley Forge Christian College

Currently celebrating its 75th year, Valley Forge Christian College was founded in 1939 and is part of an international network of Assemblies of God colleges and universities. As a private college of the arts, sciences and professions, it has undergraduate, graduate and lifelong learning programs, whose mission is to prepare individuals for a life of service and leadership in the church and in the world. Valley Forge Christian College’s 150-acre main campus is located in Phoenixville, Pa. The College offers 67 undergraduate majors, seven graduate degree programs, nine associate degree programs and has a 14:1 student-to-faculty ratio serving over 1,000 students.

Valley Forge Christian College's history dates back to 1939, when several small bible institutes consolidated and formed Eastern Bible Institute (EBI), in Green Lane, Pa. The institute charter was granted to train evangelists, pastors, missionaries, Christian educators and lay workers. EBI expanded in numbers and property space becoming Northeast Bible Institute (NBI) and, after a fourth year of study was added, became Northeast Bible College (NBC). In 1976-1977, NBC moved to its current location in Phoenixville, Pa, on the site of the former Valley Forge General Hospital, and was renamed Valley Forge Christian College.

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Valley Forge Christian College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. (Website: Phone: 267.284.5000). The Social Work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. (Website: Phone: 703.683.8080).

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The Honorable John Ashcroft Speaks at 75th Anniversary April 16, 2014
Great Expectations
During the final weekend of March, “Great Expectations” premiered at Krempels Theater as a two-act play; three final performances of this production will occur this weekend on April 4-6. This dramatized production (by Robert Johanson) is an adaptation of the famed Victorian-era novel from literary great, Charles Dickens, featuring some of the most poignant acting, and elaborate set and costume design ever presented by Curtain Call.
“Great Expectations” tells the story of an English orphan named Pip, who was apprenticed to the blacksmith trade in Kent, England but dreams of becoming a gentleman in London. Through unexpected and mysterious circumstances, he finds himself under the endowment of an anonymous benefactor – living the life he always wanted. In this gripping tale of crime, guilt, revenge and reward, compelling characters include a fearsome convict, a young woman whose beauty is excelled only by her haughtiness and a jilted bride with a cold heart.
The extravagant set and remarkable staging do not overshadow the performances of the actors. Senior Tyler White, steps into the lead role in a remarkable fashion – embodying the humble, naïve and compassionate nature of Pip and sophomore Jon Zahradnik is well cast as the important character of Uncle Pumblechook.
“Great Expectations” also features members of the Renaissance Academy theater program, who rise to the challenge of performing with Curtain Call in order to portray the story's younger characters. Most notable is the performance from high school freshman Cole Geissler, who plays Young Pip with gripping emotive skill.
Performances of “Great Expectations” are scheduled this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Kremples Theater at 7 pm on April 4-5, with a matinee performance at 3 pm on April 6. VFCC students, staff, faculty and alumni will pay a discounted price of $5 for admission to the show. 

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Great Expectations On Stage April 03, 2014
Isiah Hasker
Isiah Hasker
Once again, Isiah Hasker walked alone in the rough neighborhood of his hometown of Trenton, N.J. As he had for the past few months, Hasker traveled with caution, being wary of any potential danger. Suddenly, without any warning, he was suffering blows from a stranger. In a matter of seconds, he found himself beaten, robbed and left alone in the streets.
This was a typical day in Hasker’s life, a former ranking member of the Bloods gang, who is now a junior studying social work at Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC). After committing to follow Jesus, he knew he had to leave the gang; unfortunately, no one easily walks away from the Bloods.
Hasker joined the Bloods at the age of 13. After his mom had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, one of his closest friends (who was the highest ranking Blood in Trenton) was able to offer him what appeared to be brotherhood and protection. By the age of 17, Hasker had earned the respect of his peers, becoming the youngest Five Star General Blood in Trenton.
In New Jersey’s capital, which is home to a large Blood population, the gang is involved in two enterprises: drugs and violence. These two outlets consumed Hasker’s adolescent years; in fact, he drove around selling drugs for 10 hours every day. Hasker now admits that if his life had continued on that path, “I would be dead or in jail.”
The police raided his mother’s house, where they found a massive amount of illegal drugs that Hasker had been storing to sell on his daily runs. When he came to the realization that 5-10 years of incarceration awaited, he knew his life needed to change dramatically. Months later, he found himself at the altar of a men’s conference in Atlanta where he offered his life to the Lord.
Hasker realized that following Jesus meant leaving the Bloods. As a senior officer in the gang with access to most of its information, no one would allow him to quit. As soon as other members noticed his increasing absence, they put a hit on him, which gave all Bloods permission to jump him. After weeks of being mugged regularly (and cleaning his wounds at the local church), Hasker received a letter from an incarcerated Bloods leader, notifying him that he was free to leave the gang.
Nevertheless, Hasker chose to stay in Trenton as a witness to his neighborhood. “A lot of people in the urban community,” says Hasker, “don’t know about this blessed hope. They don’t know that there is another way out. I feel like it’s my job to better my life and let them know.” Now, Hasker is doing just that — telling people that there is hope in Jesus.
The man who jumped him, robbed him and left him on the street turned out to be one of the first people who Hasker reached with The Gospel. After the mugging, the man was jailed and looking at a future with 10 years in prison. Brazenly, he asked Hasker for help. After Hasker’s initial incredulity, the Lord prompted him to extend grace, just as grace had been given to him. Hasker decided to sign an affidavit that gave his attacker a way out of the sentence. Upon his release, the man became a committed Christian, rapping The Gospel as a means of evangelization.
According to Hasker, getting an education at VFCC is another step toward that end. “Being at this college has redirected my path and reformed my worldview. Faculty members have allowed me to mess up and then showed me how to do it correctly. … There are not many places that will create opportunities for you to fulfill what God has called you to do. ... VFCC makes it their business to get personal with the students so that each student has a chance.” 

Member of the Bloods Washed by the Blood March 28, 2014