Connect2 Software Agreement

Student Software License Acceptance Form Educational Use License

This acceptance form is valid for the Microsoft products listed below, which shall be referred to collectively herein as the “Software”. This Software is made available to you because Valley Forge Christian College has purchased temporary licenses for the Software through Microsoft Campus Subscription Enrollment [“Subscription”]. Valley Forge Christian College [“VFCC”] is extending to you the right to use the Software on either (a) an institution-owned computer provided to you as part of the Connect2 Campus Technology program and provided exclusively for your use, or (b) a single personally-owned computer, but not both. You do not own the license; rather you are authorized to use the Software pursuant to the terms and conditions of the license(s) granted to VFCC through the Subscription. You will be required to remove the Software from any personal computer upon any event, with the exception of graduation of a four year degree/program, which causes you to no longer be a student of the institution. You will also be required to remove the Software from your personal computer upon the expiration of the Subscription with notice from VFCC.

While under the Educational Use license as a student, no media will be provided. The Software is pre-installed on all Connect2 computers as part of the imaging process. If you desire to use the software on your own computer, VFCC must facilitate the removal of the software from any Connect2 computers in your possession and the installation on your personal computer.

Perpetual Use License

If you graduate from VFCC during the term of the Subscription, the Software license(s) will be transferred to you as a Perpetual License, thereby transferring ownership to you, the student, as verified in your Student License Confirmation presented to you by VFCC at that time. The Student License Confirmation is proof of your ownership of the Software upon graduation. At that time, VFCC may, solely at their discretion, provide you with certified Microsoft Media for the Software. If for any reason a diploma is not received and you are no longer enrolled in any four year degree seeking program or course(s) required to complete a four year degree, you are required to remove the Software and return to VFCC any media provided along with the Student License Confirmation. The Perpetual Use License is void without a verifiable conferred Degree.


Software provided to you by VFCC is non-transferrable. At no time, except through graduation, do you own the Software. You may not share, copy, transfer, or otherwise provide the Software to anyone regardless of their relationship with VFCC. Violating this requirement may result in disciplinary and/or legal actions including, but not limited to, fines, fees or termination of your right to use the Software.


While a student enrolled in the Subscription, you are entitled to upgrade to the most recent version of the Software currently licensed to VFCC through the Subscription.


You are hereby granted the right to use the following Software per the terms of the Subscription:
Microsoft Office Professional Suite
Microsoft Windows (Dells ONLY)

Please read and initial each statement:
_____ I have read and will abide by the license(s) associated with this Software.
_____ I understand that I do not own the license(s) to the Software and that the Software is being licensed to me for use by VFCC.
_____ I understand that I will be required to remove the Software from my personal machine immediately upon any event, with the exception of graduation, which causes me to no longer be a student of the institution or upon the expiration of the Campus Subscription Enrollment license(s).
_____ I understand that if VFCC does not renew the Student Option under the Campus Subscription Enrollment, then I must delete or remove the Software licensed to VFCC from my computer at the time the enrollment expires or is terminated.
_____ I understand that if I graduate from VFCC with a minimum of a four year degree during the Campus Subscription Enrollment licensed period, the Software license will convert to a Perpetual License and ownership will be transferred to me.
_____ I understand that Media is not provided for the Software while I am a student, and may, solely at the discretion of VFCC, be provided upon my graduation.
_____ I understand that if, under the terms and conditions of the Connect2 Technology Program, I buyout the laptop/computer prior to graduation that the Software is NOT included and must be removed. No media will be provided.
_____ I understand that if a Student License Confirmation, proof of Software ownership, is not provided to me upon graduation with a four year degree that it is my responsibility to contact VFCC and request the Student License Confirmation.
_____ I understand that the Software can only be installed on one computer exclusively for my personal/education use and is not transferrable. The Software cannot be installed on both my personal computer and a Connect2 computer/laptop.
_____ I understand that any re-distribution of the Software in any form (electronic download/upload, ftp, website, CD, DVD or any copy) violates my license to use the software, is a violation of Microsoft’s Copyright, and is constituted as theft of the Software which may lead to disciplinary and/or legal actions.

Last Updated: August 23, 2010